Recurring Tasks - Using a suffix

Russ Miller shared this question 3 years ago

I am looking at purchasing your “Recurring Tasks” module for AC and had a


For our recurring tasks, I generally will add the month and year at the end

of the name (e.g. Develop Blog Posts – June ‘15). This makes it easier when

reviewing a long list of previously completed tasks. Would it be possible for

your Recurring Tasks module to accommodate this type of task naming?

Additionally, does the module allow for sub-tasks?

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Hello Russ,

Our recurring tasks module can work with recurring subtasks: create just recurring subtasks inside task and create task from subtask.

As for date in the title of the task. It's not built-in, as if you'll create recurring template with date in title, it would create each new task with the same title but creating and due dates will be different.

If you want date to be dynamic in title, it should be custom built for you to use date variable which will cost $300 + the price of the module.

Let me know your thoughts.


What I normally do is set up a monthly task and then on some of those tasks, I set up weekly sub-tasks (e.g. every Thursday). Is that possible to do?

Ideally, I would like to have the option in sub-tasks to have "date" recorded in the title as well. I assume that the customization would handle this, correct?


Yes, it's possible to do with 2 and more recurring templates.

To make the variable support in the title of subtasks will be extra $75 in customization