New Major Features in activecollab 4.2 - Gantt Chart & My Plan

Stas Kuzma shared this announcement 3 years ago

Compatibility of Modules - All our activecollab modules in Master Collection are compatible with the latest activecollab 4.2.x

Gantt Chart in Planium Module

Now Planium module has not only KanBan Tasks View, but we've also added major and a must-have feature in activecollab - Gantt Chart.


Here are major features of the updated module:

  1. Gantt Chart can be used for global project management and on the Project tab to be organized within every project in a tab;
  2. There are 2 views to include and exclude timeline, or you can have both table view and timeline with draggable slider;
  3. and much more...

Please find all details in Gantt Chart Manual in USWebStyle Blog.

My Plan Feature in ToDo Module

ToDo module was our mini-tasker for quick notes to schedule project non-related tasks. Now it's more than that... We announce My Plan Feature where you can build Daily Plan for any user for the day from Project Tasks, Sub-tasks, ToDos and Assignments.

All details in ToDo Manual in USWebStyle Blog.

Update Instructions

All new features will work only in activecollab 4.1 and 4.2 versions.

In order to update modules, just take new archives from Download area and upload module folder from aC_4.1_aC_4.2 in archive to custom/modules of your activecollab installation..

Then in system also using FTP clean cache and compile folders.

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All our modules support latest activecollab 4.2.17